Daily Dose: ‘Peace of Mind’ by Stimpy Myth

Stimpy Myth ain’t perfect, but they’ve got enough about them that I enjoy listening to their records, to bask in the massive potential if nothing else. The Hüsker Dü comparison I made when I was doing my Freedom Festival comparison still feels very apt, and while a lot of bands owe homage to the Dü and recycle elements that were first brought to the forefront of music by them, few bands are currently creating music that is such a clear descendant. Some people might not think the comparison is as obvious, and some people might think that the fact that there is such a clear pathway between the two in my head could be a black mark on the band. I’d reply that a four piece band from Hull playing this sort of music is a pretty unique thing in itself, and the result sounds unlike pretty much anything else around today, and that’s all I really care about. This is the first track from their debut CD When the day is done, which I’ve enjoyed listening through to a few times, it’s got some nifty tracks and ideas on it (it’s available on soundcloud). As I say, it’s not by any means perfect, and I think often some brevity would help matters a bit, but so much of it is so promising to listen to and that in itself is very exciting and enjoyable. I really hope they make more.


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