Daily Dose: ‘Ain’t A Sin To Win’ by Diarrhea Planet

Yeah, I know it’s a bottom rung name for a band (see how I avoided anything that could be construed as a pun there), but they’ve actually released a top tier album in the form of Turn To Gold (10th June, 2016), which I saw a bit of chat over and decided to check it. It’s good, especially if you have the fortune to be listening to it on the move. These guys occasionally are as much punk as they are hard American rock (they’re from Nashville), and while it ain’t the most deep thing you’ll ever listen to, there’s enough humour and enjoyment in the songs that I was happy to look past that. It’s a weird mesh of Fang Islands “happy guitars” as like to refer to them, and Dinosaur Jr’s sometimes off the cuff noise rock, and while the backstreet vocals and high quality instrumental production don’t always get along perfectly with each other, it’s still different and exciting enough to stagger through that slight discrepancy. This is not the most sophisticated song on the record, either lyrically or musically (I really like the last track, ‘Headband’, which is pretty experimental), but I picked it because it is a catchy three minute banger of a tune which there’s a good version of them pounding out live on youtube. Actually, I’d wager that this is a fantastic band live. All that energy and solid musicianship is gonna fill a room right up and mean you aren’t worrying about potential flaws or foibles, because party rock is great, especially when it’s not perfect. Also, it’s a silly song about a motorbike with an over the top guitar solo, what more do you want?


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