Daily Dose: ‘Ruach’ by Oh Hiroshima

Time to wash away the taste of all that award ceremony, with some Swedish shoegaze post-rock! Got sent Oh Hiroshima’s album In Silence We Yearn, which is about as much aestheticism as you could pack into a album/band name combo, on a recommendation. It’s been sat on my to-listen pile for a while now, so it’s about time that a beak it out as part of the post weekend catch up session. I grabbed this track for a couple of reasons, firstly, because it’s one of the shorter ones on there and is pretty easy to get into. Secondly, because I really liked the drum work on it: while not the most technical thing in the world, it really stood out for me as thundering the track along while providing a bit of intrigue in the intro of the track, and right at the conclusion with its rolling fills. Other than that, it’s got some nice vocals and fairly standard post rock guitars, so if you like those things you’ll be happy. The album as a whole makes for some pleasant background music, with some cool light rock bits to go along with the heavier instrumental parts. If you like some shoegaze, this is good stuff, otherwise your mileage may vary depending on how much navel gazing you like in your music.


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