Daily Dose: ‘Concrete’ by Tom Odell

Before I get into Mercury shenanigans, time for some of that pop music that them kids are all listening to. So I happened to be on the university campus last week, and I found myself in the student bar nursing a drink for an hour between commitments. This was interesting, because it gave me a chance to listening to what the student’s union considers appropriate music. Not a huge lot stood out, (I had to shazam a bunch, because I am out of touch) apart from this track, which is a fairly straightforward pop number elevated by its soul leanings and unashamed sassy nature. I like it! Pop music still has joys to give us after all, and when I went back to it for a second and third listen I found that there was more than enough there to get my teeth into. It’s got dynamics, it’s got foot talk, it’s got art related metaphors, there is at least some depth here, however produced it may feel. It’s from his recently released second album Wrong Crowd, (10 June 2016) which got to number two in the UK, and might give a listen at some point if I can handle that much cheese at once. He seems like a nice young man though, I’d place a bet or two that he’s pretty popular with the ladies.


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