Daily Dose: ‘Colours’ by The Avalanches

The Avalanches were a strange case. Formed in Melbourne in 1997, they made one highly critically acclaimed album in 2000, Since I Left You, which included what has to be considered the greatest example of turntabling from the history of music in ‘Frontier Psychologist’ (put it on the list of songs you need to hear, and music videos you need to watch, if you haven’t already). They then started their second album in 2005, never finished it, and had all the members fall out with each other along the way, leaving that musical highlight of the 2000’s as their sole remaining legacy. That is, until now! Two members of the band, finally got their business together enough to release a follow up album under The Avalanches name, entitled Wildflower (1st July, 2016), and this is the first thing I’ve hear from it. Boy, do they still sound pretty unique though, even if they’ve got a bit overtly psychedelic and less goofy on this album – both this and ‘Frankie Sinatra’ while wildly different tracks, sound like they were produced during an LSD trip, and that’s a deliberate vibe, for sure. This song is as if someone took what was once a pretty normal Mercury Rev song and a trance ambient track, and mashed them together and mixed the whole thing up in a frenzy. I really like it, and while I don’t see anything topping ‘Frontier Psychologist’ (what could?) I’m excited to get down and give the new album a blast later on tonight. Roll on psychedelia.


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