Daily Dose: ‘The Carlsberg Special’ by Wizzard

It’s a lovely sunny day in Hull, (and the humidity has finally dropped below 95%) which means that it’s time to go outside (gasps). Before I do though, it’s time for some music to make me feel like an absolute baller. That’s right, it’s time to get progressive glam all up in here. Everything about this track is completely brilliant, from the title, the intro, the ridiculous solo at around two and a half minutes in, the flute fills, and the main saxophone riff. Oh sure, it’s dangerously insane, but it’s beautiful, it really it. Compare it for a moment to the justice track a few days ago: both are tasty jams, for sure, but there’s absolutely no sense of chill or cool restraint here, it is entirely over the top exuberance and excitement for four minutes, and I love it. Sure, there are smarter, more emotional songs out there, but who cares about any of that when you have hard rock this sick being played on a Tuba, for flips sake. It sounds like if black midi was an actual song, it sounds like compressed berserk joy, it sounds like what happens if you take all of the acid tabs at once, it sounds like all of these things! Taken from their debut album Wizzard Brew (1973, and I suspect that’s worth a listen through front to back), this track is something of an oddity as it claims in multiple places to be written by Bill Hunt, the harpsichord player (and what a harpsichord!) as opposed to nearly eponymous member Roy Wood, who was responsible for the vast majority of both the writing and the instruments in the band. I’m sorry, but if you don’t like this even a little bit, you probably hate fun. Now I’m gonna go out and drop kick today right in the face, because that’s how incredible this track this.


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