Daily Dose: ‘Low Lays The Devil’ by The Veils

Heard this on the Radio the other day and quite liked it, it’s got a pleasant bluesy garage feel to it. I know next to nothing about The Veils, but they’ve apparently been going since 2001 and are up to their fifth album Total Depravity (26th August, 2016). This songs simplicity is its greatest asset, some good lines merged with both stripped down drum pounding and a repeated piano riff that kick the song off and carry it through to its conclusion (which sort of happens slightly awkwardly, like the musicians just sort of didn’t fancy playing anymore and wanted to get out of the song as quickly as possible). It’s a well written and put together song, and the result is that it manages to sound both cool and pretty catchy. It ain’t the most exciting track in the world, for sure, and a bit less preening and a bit more unleashed blues guitar solo would have done it some good, but you can’t ask for much more from a lead single of a new album, really. It’s probably not going to overhaul, for instance, The Milk in terms of recent pure soulful greatness, but I get the impression these guys see themselves as a more of an alternative/indie rock outfit anyway. That’s more than okay, and makes for some good music that’s really accessible and enjoyable, like this tune.


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