Daily Dose: ‘I Need A Forest Fire’ by James Blake (feat. Justin Vernon)

Apparently this song was in a youtube music ad, there, I’ve spared you reading any internet comment over this song whatsoever, because that previous sentiment is basically all of them. Speaking of sentiment, I’m not sure that wishing for a forest fire is a good one, as while they can be a helpful part of the ecosystem, more and more their uncontrolled spread can become a serious threat to human life and belongs. Think before you sing, James Blake. As for the song itself, it’s okay. It’s a natural combination, I grant you, but there’s just a little too much arty self-reflection and attempted cleverness here for my tastes. It might have just hit me at a bad time: I don’t mind James Blake, but I’m yet to hear him do anything that’s come close to matching ‘Retrograde’ (in my opinion), and I’m not as excited for Bon Iver’s upcoming album as everyone else seems to be. Hey, if I wanted to be potentially slightly controversial, I would say that yes, Bon Iver (2011) was really good, but take ‘Holocene’ and ‘Towers’ from it and it’s merely okay as an album. Don’t mind that though, this song’s solid if you like indie electronica from two huge names (and name value does count for something). Other than that, I’d say it’s probably not going to change your world.


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