Daily Dose: ‘Safe And Sound’ by Justice

I love this. Justice have levelled out their output so wonderfully over the last few years, and while some naysayers may claim that that makes them less exciting and variable, I find the focus on consistency over making a splash really enjoyable, especially when it leads to tracks like this. Retro doesn’t even begin to cover it, from the 70’s funk bass to the 80’s/90’s aerosol spray can percussion, this is a song that even more than their usual output relies heavily on its predecessors. It’s not taking too many risks, and I’m completely fine with that; I don’t always want crazy experimentation, sometimes I just want six minutes of kicking back and enjoying some tasty fun musical times, and that is precisely what this song provides. If you like funk, and don’t mind what format it takes, you’ll get on with this. If you like funk infused dance music, well, you probably already are already a fan of Justice, so I probably don’t need to recommend them, but I’ve tested this on people who don’t normally go in for electronica but are partial to a jam or two, and the response has been positive. It’s quite a relaxed slow builder, but I trust people to be okay with that when the music is this chill. Even better, it’s presumably indicative of a new album coming out sooner rather than later.


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