Daily Dose: ‘Gabriel’ by Joe Goddard (feat. Valentina)

Couple of electronic releases on the slate, starting with this from Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard (the big guy who does all the cool production work). This is a pretty hot dance number, with an attention grabbing vocal performance and some sketchy, stuttering modulation. It’s a fab listen if you like your dance music with some slightly minimalistic elements (put aside the vocals for the moment), and with a modicum of farty brass noises to really round out that chorus. It’s a head nodder, for sure, but these things that made me sit up and take notice due to the interest they provide also mean that as a track it can fade into the background quite easily. I imagine this effect would be reduce if it was being played in a club at 100 decibels around one in the morning, which is probably the intended format anyway. There’s a bunch of swag remixes of it as well, including Soulwax, whose work I pretty much always love (and he doesn’t disappoint here). Apparently that version was on GTA V as well, so it’s probably got a bit more prominence than this. I enjoyed it, with a special mention to the spooky looping keyboard (with some sort of effect on it) that plays towards the end of the song, it took me a while to notice but now it’s my favourite bit of the track. Subtle, but effective.


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