Daily Dose: ‘Out Of Time’ by Chris Farlowe

Classic old track before we move onto some new releases. How about that opening string riff? It’s a corker, for certain, and even if you are familiar with (or prefer) the Rolling Stones version(s), you gotta accept that this guy has one hell of a distinctive voice. Wikipedia seems pretty adamant that this is the cover version, which I wasn’t sure about, but at the end of the day that’s not the most important thing in the world. People like The Ramones and The Manic Street Preachers have taken a stab at it as well, all playing on that distinctive opening and rapid fire assault towards the chorus that marks it out as a winner of a song. This version is my favourite, even if it has apparently been claimed as a Brexit anthem in an attempt to bring back the swinging sixties and have England win the world cup again (for non UK readers, these are things that will never happen). I just think his voice suits the obvious old fashioned nature of the song best, and it should really be appreciated as that, a window into a musical time pretty much past. Don’t be telling Chris that though, he’s still going strong to this day! I think he might do the odd performance as well, which is pretty impressive for a guy in his seventies. More power to you, Mr. Farlowe (Also he was in Colosseum and Atomic Rooster for a bit which is pretty cool indeed).

One last thing: I have absolutely no freaking clue what is going on in the video. It’s online, so check it out if you want a bizarre window into the sixties, when you could do what you want and there were no consequences. I know technology has on balance probably improved our lives, but when people say that things are easier nowadays I want to slap them and then make them watch this video.


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