Daily Dose: ‘You Know Me’ by Eliza Carthy and The Wayward Band

Random question: Why do so many folk artists have such a confusing online presence? Wikipedia is a fantastic tool as an artist, and it seems to be a bizarre aspect around folk musicians (although Eliza Carthy is definitely better than some offenders) that it and other utilities of the internet age are not exploited to their fullest extent. Maybe it’s just recency bias on my part, maybe it’s suggestive of a larger principled stand against technology, maybe we’ll never really know the answer. Anyway, tracking down songs attributed to Eliza Carthy and The Wayward Band specifically was somewhat difficult (although live versions exist on youtube), and proper album recognition is proving a little tricky. What I do know for certain includes the fact that Eliza Carthy has played in the Beverly Folk Festival in one guise or another several times, but I’ve never got to see her, so this Sunday at the festival was my first chance to see her live. She was absolutely charming, and did a really good set, including this song, a poignant tune about the migrant crisis. If you like folk with a bit of a big band edge, not to mention possessing an important message, this a good track for you. ‘Great Grey Back’, which I think was released at the same time, is another jaunty number that she did live, and the songs and the band work great in either format. Worth the hype, I’d say.

Edit: For some reason it had reverted the header to an earlier save draft with no title. I’ve added that back in now, because I’m told that can make these things more efficient.


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