Daily Dose: ‘No Lucifer’ by British Sea Power

I was at the second of Hull’s big yearly independent festivals, the Freedom Festival (I’ll talk more about it on another day) this past weekend, and one of the main motivators to make the trip back in time for it was finding out the week before that these guys were playing. The festival organiser’s recent track record on bigger bookings is really good, what with this lot and Public Service Broadcasting last year. This is my favourite song by British Sea Power (they did it live, and it was pretty good), taken from what I would consider their magnum opus, Do You Like Rock Music? (14th January, 2008). If you like indie rock in any format whatsoever, that is a must listen. If you like your guitars a little more varied and alternative I’d check out Valhalla Dancehall (2011) instead, but give Do You Like Rock Music a blast anyway, because it has some really exciting sounding songs on it, even now. ‘No Lucifer’ was written and sung by bassist Neil Hamilton Wilkinson, and the combination of his quite sweet and gentle vocals with the otherwise hugeness of the track makes for a more sonically interesting rock blaster than if the words were just belted out to type. It’s one of the more accessible tracks they’ve done as well, rivalling anything made by their more famous indie rock contemporaries. The lyrics, while not the easiest to pick due to the style, are actually pretty uplifting while not so deep as to be alienating. It’s still a really great song, and I’d suggest that everyone who does in fact like rock music listen to it at least once.


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