Daily Dose: ‘Sleeping Satellite’ by Tasmin Archer

This was one of two songs that I heard on my recent long haul bus journey that I wanted to talk about, for slightly different reasons. This one, because it’s a fun bit of pop from the nineties, and also because it is apparently about not blaming the moon for our problems, which is a thing I see a lot of these days. It was the debut single by the British singer-songwriter Tasmin Archer, released in 1992, and it did pretty well, being a UK number one and a bit of a worldwide hit on top. It’s nominally from an album called Great Expectations (October 19, 1992), which I haven’t heard, but I’m pretty disappointed she didn’t commit to the Dickens references and call her next album The Old Curiosity Shop or something. Another little cool tidbit I found out while looking into it: Robbie McIntosh (of ‘2000 miles’, The Pretenders, and lots of other things) and Paul Wickens (who played with Paul McCartney for many years, as well as a bunch of other people), were two of the contributors on this song, on guitar and keyboards respectively. That’s two pretty good people to have working on your record, and the result kind of shows for it, it’s a pretty sparkling bit of enjoyable pop/light rock music. It’s genuinely a good song, and although it hasn’t aged as well as it perhaps could have done, I’d forgotten about it and was happy to rediscover it, especially while tired and hungry on a bus in the middle of nowhere.


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