Daily Dose: ‘Melody Lane’ by Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

Or sometimes just Uncle Acid, apparently. A friend had been banging on about these guys for a bit, and I can see why. This was the first song I stumbled across, and it immediately got me pretty much sold on them, with its lazy groove and lo-fi vocals hitting that sweet spot between sketchy and badass. The retro style is heavily played upon, so if you don’t like that much hat tipping to previous styles it might not be for you, but if you’ve got a thing about sixties and seventies metal but just feel it wasn’t sludgey or stonerific enough, then boy, are you in a for a ride here. This is from an album called The Night Creeper (September 4th 2015), which either sounds slightly intimidating or like an ostentatious comic book character. If the whole LP is of a similar quality to this, then I’m really sorry I missed it last year, because I suspect I’m going to love it. For the record, these guys are from Cambridge, that well known hotbed of, fuzz, vintage metal and outrageously over the top guitar solos. My quick take on it would be this: if you like Royal Blood, but can’t help but feel that they aren’t nearly dank enough, then you’ll love this.


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