Daily Dose: ‘Teenage Drug’ by The Sultans of Ping FC

Oh yeah, let’s get weird again. Punk, in this case originating from Cork, Ireland, is a mixed bag. Punk that originated a bit later on, say, in the nineties, can vary even more than that. I have abitarily designated this song “good punk”, because it has a catchy riff and fun vocal variety, mentions ‘sexy eyes’, and is very silly indeed. It is taken from their second album, also called Teenage Drug (1994), which is only really a huge letdown as a name when you consider that their debut album was called Casual Sex in the Cineplex (1993), which should go down as one of the best names for an album of all time. I have no idea if it is possible to get hold of this song anymore, but there is a live version of it on Youtube which looks like a pretty good time, provided you aren’t too worried about things like good taste or common sense. Purple spandex trousers, ya’ll. It’s another song that my family had on a cassette in my youth, explaining both why I have a copy of it and also why the memory of it is stuck in my brain for no discernible reason. Don’t expect too much here and you will be rewarded, I promise. Probably. Its punk, how high can your expectations be?


4 thoughts on “Daily Dose: ‘Teenage Drug’ by The Sultans of Ping FC

      1. Janie Jones (alongside Gloria) remains one of the great album starters. I’m So Bored of the USA, White Man, Complete Control & Remote Control might just be considered punk songs. And all are at least very very good….. in fact I’m going to put the UK version of the first LP on now. It was first played me by my brother, who wouldn’t tell me who the band was.

        I was sold in the first rattle of drums.


      2. The first album is unquestionably punk (and pretty good), but the best song from that list by far is White Man and that’s not a punk song (and also wasn’t on the initial release). It’s reggae.

        As for best opener, I’d give Patti Smith high consideration for best opening line ever, but not best song. That’s a category that includes shit like Take On Me, Smells Like Teen Spirit, 21st century Schizoid man, Wouldn’t it be nice, New Born, Roundabout, One of These Days. It’s “artists best song and an absolutely massive track to boot” or thereabouts territory. London Calling > Janie Jones, in my opinion.


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