Daily Dose: ‘Takeover’ by Katatonia

I’ve been meaning to get to the new Katatonia album for ages, because I quite like their particular brand of quite laid back atmospheric metal, but it’s just sat on my “to listen” list for too long now, so I’m going to grab a song from it and pick through that and then get to the album when I have the chance. The album is called The Fall Of Hearts (2016, I prefer the spoonerism version of that album title personally, but I am a child in disguise as a man), and it is their tenth offering, taking the band’s sound further in a more progressive rock direction while incorporating a couple of new members. The lyrics and vocals are kind of what you would expect from a Swedish progressive rock band, and that’s okay, but the instrumentation is really solid in this track; it’s an engaging listen from start to finish despite being seven minutes long, quite ambient, and covering quite a lot of ground. It’s a good opener for the album, with its enjoyable guitar work consisting of post-rockesque atmospheric soundscaping as well as more conventional metal widdles. The drum work, while varied and interesting, takes place at an accessible pace, and anything with a solid head nodding groove is going to keep me well focused, which I appreciate in my music. Sure, maybe I wish the band didn’t appear to take themselves so seriously, but metal bands can be like that, and we just have to accept that sometimes. But seriously, I hope they knew what they were doing with that album title, because if they didn’t, it becomes even funnier.


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