Daily Dose: ‘Crocodile’ by Weirds

Some more Soundcloud goodness, available here. This might be a band that played the street sesh, or it might not, due to the vagaries of competing names and poor internet signposting. Making your band easy to find without resorting to a gimmicky name might be the biggest challenge of any fresh new artist in the internet age. Anyway, I threw this track on at some point to see what it’s like, and it’s a solid spacey track that stalks around in a stylish fashion. There are some similarities here to Vulgarians, my new favourite Hull band, but this song is a good deal less unhinged and a bit slicker and punkier, which may appeal to more people but I personally prefer my sound in this sort of music to be less cool and more insane. Take nothing away from ‘Crocodile’ though, its two and a half of spooky, off-kilter noise music, and I had a real fun time with it. I’ve also re-contextualized it as a song about how the royal family are lizards, and I find that has enhanced my enjoyment of it no end. I hope that these guys are the same band that played Hull, because hopefully that means they will be playing Hull again, and they sound like that would be a pretty fun night out.


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