Daily Dose: ‘Horses’ by Night Moves

This is actually kind of awesome! I wasn’t sure about it at first, I guess it’s a kind of spaced out psychedelic indie music (think MGMT and you are not a million miles away), but it’s more jazzy and chill than that description would imply. I decided to check it out after hearing an interview with them and being kind of impressed to their commitment towards being a bit of a shambles. This is one from their earlier work, Coloured Emotions (2012), and is a pretty good time, even if it is a little bit difficult to pin down. It’s probably not going to change anyone’s world musically, but as a really pleasant happy drifter of a track it’s a serious winner. It may be that electro-psych-country has a limit to how much I’m prepared to enjoy it, but I’ve not found that limit yet. I’ll be interested to check out their new stuff and see how that differs with regards to experimentation and new challenging musical sounds. One thing that rumbled by bumbles slightly, was the fact that the ending seemed to be a bit of a damp squib. That may have just been a feature of the version I was listening to, but for a song as sprawling as this one, there’s not really any excuse for a half-hearted ending. I’m not sure that it’s the song that I’m going to want on repeat throughout the summer, but it’s a nice piece of distracting music and those who like a bit of psychedelia in their alternative style songs should get a kick out of it.


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