Daily Dose: ‘Now Wouldn’t You Like To Rule The Roast’ by Gilbert and Sullivan

On Tuesday, I was in a show at the international Gilbert and Sullivan festival, held in Harrogate, Yorkshire. It was the second of two different shows in three days for me, which goes some way to explaining why I’m only catching up last week’s tracks now. I’ve got a solid connection with G and S going right back to my university days, and still try to be in one show a year as a way of connecting and re-connecting with people, plus, performing at a big festival is always an exciting experience (although not always for the right reasons). The show I was in, Princess Ida, features that most rare of female duets, being that between a mezzo soprano and a contralto, and the result is probably my favourite Gilbert and Sullivan duets. The performance I was in featured the best rendition of it I’ve ever seen, which certainly helped matters – there should be a version of it on youtube before too long, which I will try to link when it becomes available. Sure, it’s opera, but it’s light opera, and it’s got such a wonderful harmony that lovers of music in general should be able to appreciate. At two and a half minutes long, it wouldn’t hurt much to give it a try. Princess Ida’s music is great, I know some people get all down on Gilbert and Sullivan but they are mostly fun hating stuck up types, and I’ve got no time for that negativity, this song is a joy. The other show I was in, Iolanthe (also a G and S operetta, it was a busy week on that front), featured me singing a solo, which I may talk about next time around depending on how fragile my ego is feeling.


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