Daily Dose: ‘Colours’ by Pearls Cab Ride

A friend of mine at the sesh had been determined to check out Pearls Cab Ride at the dock stage, and it was easy to see why, because they were an absolute party. Like, a total blast, and we were watching them from one of the bridges connecting the marina so it was a great atmosphere. The recordings are more subdued than the live work, but still irrepressibly funky, combining latin and soul together to make this, one of the more easy things to listen to I’ve heard recently (and also available on soundcloud, as with everything this week). They’re a nine piece band from Kingston-upon-Hull itself, which is dead cool, because the city needs more people making and playing music like this. They’ve been going for a good long while, and it shows, they’re seriously tight and so smooth that you could slide clean off, but still with heaps of intrigue provided by that distant subdued brass section. If you’ve got a bit of a think for funk and soul music, and I definitely do, then you should find this sound absolutely gorgeous. Even if you don’t, it’s a real pleasant listen, and I’ve had it on repeat a fair bit today, in an effort to keep me happy and relaxed (it’s working).


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