Daily Dose: ‘Drenched’ by Room 22

These guys were ace live. Small admission: I actually missed them at the main event, catching them later on at a smaller venue/gig night in the city, but they were well worth going out again in my book. They’re recordings don’t quite do as much for me, largely because I’m not as much in love with the lead singers voice as I am with the music, but if you like arty punk rock (early Green Day is not too far away from the mark), then you can do a lot worse. They’ve got an EP out called T.O.S.C which again, is available for listening on soundcloud, so go ahead and check this song out, it’s only one minute thirty long and is the best of the lot (and was the one they closed with when we saw them). I still have a soft spot for the suddenly cut short punk song, I think Wire probably were the masters of the format, but there’s plenty of examples to choose from. I’ve no idea what this song is about (other than getting really wet, perhaps?) but it gets the juices flowing in a big way, and I respect the commitment to making as much noise as possible and working out what happened later. Definitely a good live act, so if you find yourself in the Hull area look out for them.


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