Daily Dose: ‘Sweet’ by Bing Satellites

One stage at the street sesh that did not get enough love was the Squarewaves stage, which was the designated ‘strange electronica’ department at the festival. As someone who listens to a fair but of strange electronica, this was somewhere that I wanted to spend a bit of time. So, when me and my friends were just started to get a bit tired from all the running around, we checked into the Squarewaves tent, plonked ourselves down on the floor, and had a lovely little chill out session, all wonderfully set to the ambient music of Bing Satellites, an all-around nice guy from Manchester. I don’t tend to get heavily into the really minimalist/ambient end of electronica, but this guy is doing his best to change that. Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t like slow paced, minimalist instrumentation then this is unlikely to change your views, but as relaxing music goes, it is truly supreme. It’s a different way to unwind than say, the last track I talked about, but both are equally valid in my book. I can also really recommend the edit of ‘Like A Train In The Night’, and as both that and this are on soundcloud there’s no real excuse for not going and trying one of them on for size. Thank you, Bing Satellites. Thank you for acknowledging that sometimes it is okay just to be chill, in music and in life.


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