Daily Dose: ‘100% or Nothing’ by Primal Scream

I’ve never been all in on Primal Scream. They’ve got some good songs (‘Rocks’ is a cracker, for instance), but I’ve never quite understood the admiration some people have for them. For instance, the lead single from the album this song is from, Chaosmosis (18 March 2016, really not convinced by that name, it sounds like someone saying “K, Osmosis.” which is actually a better name), I actually found quite dull, so I was happy to talk about this track instead, which is a bit more interesting. They’ve always had a bit of a soul-lite air about them, as indie rockers go, and that is evident here, and it results in a tune that is actually a pretty good time, if you like electronic infused rock anthems. I enjoyed listening to it quite a lot, and I don’t think many people will actively dislike, it’s too slickly put together for that, but it’s certainly not a revolution as far as indie rock music goes. The cross between the jangly guitar sounds that Primal Scream have plied their trade on for some time and the New Order bass and production makes for a track that is designed from the ground up to sound like a accessible, enjoyable anthem, with all the foot tapping and head nodding associated with that. I don’t think it will especially stick with me or that I will be coming back to it that much, but I certainly liked it and would suggest picking this song out if you wanted a sample from the new album.


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