Daily Dose: ‘Sunday Love’ By Bat for Lashes

I quite like everything I’ve heard from the most recent Bat for Lashes album, The Bride (2016) and this was no exception. I’ve seen some people compare it to her song ‘Daniel’, but I find that uncharitable at best, this is less of a love song and more of a spooky electronic ghost song. Sure, there are melody and structure similarities, but it’s pop music for crying out loud, there’s a serious limit to what can be done within that restriction, just enjoy the song. Natasha Khan is more than mysterious and weird enough to pull off the thematic shift to even more ethereal, ghast-like music, and I respect the fact that she’s got a central concept and working with it. Also, she’s still got an absolutely world beating voice, which gives her a big advantage whatever she happens to be singing. This song is another taster of what you might expect, with its thunder sounds and echoed percussion and bass to go along with Khan’s powerful voice and heady metaphor. I will also say that the promotional pictures and the music video for this track are really cool, I think more artists need to be doing work in bridal dresses and lots of cyan eye-shadow, because it’s a really good look. Also, I like concept albums, and pop music does not have enough of them, so she gets full marks from me for that one (if she was keeping score, which I suspect she was not).


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