Daily Dose: ‘Cyclic’ by Pomegranate Tiger

So a friend who likes the more expansive, less clichéd side of metal (and industrial) in the same manner I do has been suggesting I try out Pomegranate Tiger for weeks now, and I finally got round to it recently. Well worth it, and not just for the name, this is a brutally efficient ride through tasty riffs and clever arrangement, and the result is fantastic to listen to. Pommy Tiger (it’s a good name, I think), appears to be a one person riff machine in the form of Martin Andres, and he’s got some attention grabbing potency to his music, and this song in particular, due to its tasty jams and exciting, almost optimistic vibe. I’m not normally a fan of things this fast, but it’s put together so tastefully and attractively as to retain an ease on the ear despite its technicality. The bass, a guest spot by Chase Bryant (Andres is responsible for everything else on this record), and the inclusion of piano sounds are what really stand out for me, as making the guitar sound like other instruments is something I get a real kick out of. This is taken from an album called “Boundless” (11th December 2015) which I’m going to be hitting up as soon as I get the chance, because if it is as consistently engaging as this I suspect it will be an awesome listen.


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