Daily Dose: ‘Human Performance’ by Parquet Courts

People have been banging on about Parquet Courts new album (Human Performance, 8th April 2016) all year, and because I, like everyone, am a slave to what is trendy or “cool”, I thought I owed it to myself to check it out. Additionally, because I am easily led and occasionally lazy, I plumped for the title track, although I did consider ‘Berlin got Blurry’ just because I thought it might be a heart-breaking tale of how one man loses his glasses in downtown Berlin and is forced to squint at everything for the foreseeable (heh) future. It was not. This guys are from New York, have been going for six odd years, and have released five albums, making them practically elder statesman the speed that indie rock seems to move at these days. I’ve not seen an album of theirs get as much hype as this one has, which may well be their death knell with regards to remaining current in the art-punk scene. Initially I wasn’t sold on his voice, but it actually grew on me very quickly, and I really like this song, it’s been the pick of the album for me so far, just managing to do enough to sound like an emphatic anthem to mitigate the aloof artiness. It sounds really big, in a good way, but still manages to maintain that crude garage feel which is good for those of us who like our music a little unhinged. Also it’s a great song about anxiety that doesn’t go down the horribly downbeat or incredibly aggressive route, which is a fantastic thing. The album will wind up on a few peoples top yearly albums list, and while I don’t think it will make mine, (I’m going to give it a few more listens through) this is still a cracking song, and worth a good deal of the hype, to be fair.


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