Daily Dose: ‘Vampire en pyjama’ by Dionysos

We round of our current French tour (for now) with this little pocket of wonder from Dionysos. Apologies for the slight delay in updates, that is due to the slight awkwardness in my travel arrangements. So, anytime I see a song that is called ‘Vampire en pyjama’ my attention is drawn inescapably towards it. Even better if it is the closing song from an album of the same name (29th January 2016), then my surrealist tendencies really get excited. It turns out that Dionysos have some form in that regard, this being their eighth album of presumably very pleasant art rock with a somewhat eccentric bent, and they’ve made songs sung in both French and English, presumably just to keep people on their toes. Anyway, this is an elegant little acoustic number, predominantly guitar and voice, although some other instruments are getting involved a bit as well, that pretty without being at all passive, in that typically French way, I couldn’t tell you for certain what the lyrics are about, as my French is only good enough to pick out certain phrases, but I’m pretty sure he’s complaining about his house near the end, in a very melancholy way. Also perhaps he talks about his big head? It’s a mystery. Anyway, it’s a captivating little ditty regardless of being able to understand the lyrics properly, and if you like you light rock a little bit quirky, this is for you.


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