Daily Dose: ‘Am I Wrong’ by Étienne de Crécy

Étienne de Crécy is a dude who makes house music, and pretty fun house music at that. The album version of this track came out on a version called Tempovision (2000), but I’ve been listening to the “original version”, which was released on a remix album some twelve years later. They’re both pretty similar, to be honest, but I heard the latter first and prefer more for no good reason. Either way, it’s a pretty light and bouncy dance track that certainly doesn’t take itself too seriously, with all the refreshing bleeps and bloops that characterise early 2000’s house music. The vocal sample is Millie Jackson from a song called ‘(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want to Be Right’, which sounds like a bit of a party all on its own, to be honest. Another thing I didn’t realise was that this track had some modest chart success in the UK at a time when such things actually mattered, peaking at #44 (just outside that then critical top 40, unfortunately) in the UK Singles Chart in January 2001. If you don’t like house music from the late nineties/early nowts, this will not change your mind, but if you have a fondness for it, or for electronic music in general, this is a good little head nodder to pass the time with and put you in a good mood.


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