Daily Dose: ‘Hubris’ by Blut aus Nord

We return to dramatic sounding metal band Blut aus Nord today, who have a name that can sound a bit rude when said in certain accents. Actually, I think it’s a bit silly of them to have their band name in German when they are a French band, especially given I think it translates to “northern blood”, which sounds like a 90’s britpop album. In French, that would be “Le sang du nord”, which sounds just as cool if not cooler, proving that metal conventions are really just form over function. I know practically nothing of this song, other than that it is from an album called Triunity (2014, pretty restrained as far as their album names go) which was a split release with a band called P.H.O.B.O.S.. Like other work I’ve heard from BAN, this has quite an ambient and avant-garde feel to it, which makes it a surprisingly easy listen given it’s got fairly substantial black metal elements. The title was what stuck out initially, as I adore the word hubris and any display thereof, as well as the inevitable cursing of said hubris at a later date. However, the song is pretty enjoyable if you want something heavy that is slightly proggish while still being very much a wall of noise. I quite like it as background music, but it’s good as a soundtrack to drift away to (again, provided your drift is dependent on lots of distorted guitars).


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