Daily Dose: ‘Walkway Blues’ by M83

M83 may be based in LA, but it’s straight out of Antibes, originally, and any excuse to talk about Junk (8th April 2016) some more. It’s an album that I know that anyone who thinks of themselves as cool and as a listener of cool music is going to hate, and I’m completely okay with that. It’s so cheesy and unsubtle as to be the musical equivalent of wearing a fluorescent top hat to a posh dinner, and is almost as out of hand as that previous metaphor. It’s bordering on tastelessness, which again, I’m more than fine with, but songs like this are too much fun for anyone who tends to disregard the haters to care. I’m a big fan of goofy saxophone and harmonised vocals over a tasty synth bed, that’s a list of things that makes me very excited about a song. It’s electronic fun janky pop music without all the rubbish that makes mainstream pop music such a chore, and I love listening to it (and singing along to it). Plus, that guitar solo at the end is pure joy. Okay, it’s seriously saccharine, but not everything needs to be a rough gritty realism-fest, sometimes I just want some goofy, attractive, fluid electronic cheese. This is a flawless musical example of that. I can understand people thinking they’re too good for this somewhat unpretentious style of in-your-face music buffet, and that’s fair enough, but I’m certainly not going to put on airs, this is a nifty little slice of enjoyment and then some.


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