Daily Dose: ‘Canon’ by Justice

French music! I love me some Justice, so much so that I regularly used to listen to the album that this is from, Audio, Video, Disco (2011), on the way to work, back when I had to worry about such things. Having a job that is, I’ve never really worried about having to listen to music. Justice, following in a mighty proud tradition of French electronic duo’s, released one album in 2007 that confused a lot of people (I loved it and disliked parts of it in equal measure), followed it up with this, more consistent beast, featuring this song, which is four minutes of the barely contained electronic guitar noodle. It’s probably not quite my favourite song of the album, but it is certainly one of the more listenable ones, taking the form of one extended riff jam and groove that’s pretty easy to like, even if you’re not a big fan of electronic music. The tension that fills their music is still there, but it’s got a healthy slice of stadium rock in there as well and it combines nicely into a track that, after the laid back, almost medieval introduction, really puts the pedal down and gets on with the business. Sure, it’s still electronic music, but it’s not obscure bleeps and bloops, this as much about rocking out as it is getting technical. Thumping beat, controlled bass, powerful sounding guitars. What more could you want, really?


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