Daily Dose: ‘Gallowdance’ by Lebanon Hanover

Quick gothy interlude and then we will return to our gaulish adventure, for certain. I actually got more of a kick out this than I was expecting, as I’m not always a fan of this sort of art-goth. Actually though, I quite appreciated the ambient minimalist beat and jangly backing guitars, even if it wasn’t world changing it. Musically it’s a little bit hodge-podgey, with a surprising number of elements getting involved for what is functionally quite a stripped back track, but I’m fine with a little bit of experimentation in that regard while bands are still feeling themselves out. Never a fan of the fade out though, that’s just lazy because you couldn’t be bothered to work out how to end a song properly. These guys have a good name, and a whole bunch of incredibly arty photos, so they’ve spent some time working on their brand image, in contrast to yesterday’s male/female duo, who brand image was to be as intentionally disparaging of brand imagery as possible. Both approaches are fine, but I feel less kinship with the arty folks wearing lots of black, personally, others may differ. I guess this qualifies as post-punk, although such a description is probably a disservice to everyone, but I’d recommend it to people who like ambient music more, the insistent beat and ominous bass work is where I got most enjoyment from it.


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