Daily Dose: ‘For I Am Cursed’ by Youth Code

We’ll continue the French adventure at some other time, but for now, how about a continuation of our exploration into the harsher side of female vocals, one which, for me at least, is producing bountiful results. One of those results is this song by youth code, an EDM (Electronic Body Music, no I’m not one hundred per cent sure either, it’s kind of like industrial techno) duo from Los Angeles consisting of Ryan George and Sara Taylor. Based on this track, they’ve got an extremely raw, quite innovative sound, one that manages to be technical sounding as well as quite visceral. It’s really strong stuff, and I’m really enjoying this song, I’m gonna be moving onto an album of theirs soon. As before, the vocals really sell me on this, all grit and bile, melded with some effect based wizardry to make it seem like less of a rant and more of an experiment. Sure, it’s pretty harsh sounding, and lovers of beauty and peace may not find much to get excited about here, but this track is an engaging and riveting dance-able (just) head pounder that twists and grinds its way into your head in a way that something that was smoother with less bite perhaps wouldn’t be able to. I’d love to hear some more of this freaky weirdness, and I hope that they have a good run and/or get huge all of a sudden.


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