Daily Dose: ‘Harmaguedon’ by Eths

I am in France right now, and that means it is time for some French music. It also means that it is time for some metal on the heavier side of the spectrum, so be warned. I went off on a big rant at my metal specialist friend the other day, about metal lyrics and some vocal styles, because sometimes I am unable to keep my opinions to myself, and I can rant with the best of them(my bugbears with certain vocal tropes often associated with metal have been repeatedly displayed). He read my article on The Reasoning song, saw my requests for more female growling and snarling (Why let the stupid men have all the fun), and sent me this, because he is a saint who delivers, and I do really love it. At first I wasn’t sure, because growled lyrics, but the music is pretty good, and the female take on what has often been a boring male thing is really starting to sell me on it. Seriously, Rachel Aspe’s voice is absolutely stunning, even the soft/normal bits sound much better than a lot of her genre contemporaries, like she’s not mugging for the microphone or trying to do too much. Also, she sounds like the sort of person who would quite happily chokeslam me into a table, and I like that in a woman. Before this gets too weird, I should say that Eths are from Marseille, have been around for a good while and put out a bunch of albums throughout their various lineup changes. For instance, this song was from the album III, (April 6th, 2012) which was the last album they recorded with their original singer, but I first heard a re-recorded version with Rachel, the new vocalist. I like the music, I love her voice, and I really appreciate the fact that it’s all in French so I can’t get annoyed about the lyrics, as my French is nowhere near good enough to be picking metal lyrics out of a lineup. More growl like this, please, and the fact that this has more of the fire and less of the posturing that a lot of other related metal has (still some posturing, obviously) is a real breath of fresh air. Hopefully there will be some more French music this week and next, because why not?


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