Daily Dose: ‘Shut me up’ by Mindless Self Indulgence

If you want any sort of musical or intellectual depth, might be worth just giving this one a miss, because it’s pretty much just straight up fury today. I am reliably informed that the music video for this song (which is pretty gory and goofy, but also kinda fun) was directed by Jhonen Vasquez, the same person who created Invader Zim. So, if you liked the tiny green alien, and I know that some people swear by it, this may well be your sort of treat. It is from an album called You’ll Rebel to Anything, which features one of the longer gaps between US and EU releases I’ve ever seen: The American release was on April 12, 2005, with the European release coming over two years later on November 5, 2007. Maybe they figured that Europeans wouldn’t be able to handle the music, but that seems ridiculous given that Europe invented both punk and heavy metal, which this song is some bizarre cross between. So yeah, there’s not exactly a lot of lyrical of musical variety going on here, but it’s musically related to punk, so I don’t know what you expected really. Simplistic aggression is good sometimes, when you just want to get the feelings all out into the open as loudly and as bluntly as possible. Hey, it says what it thinks and it does it quickly, and there’s serious merit in that.


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