Daily Dose: ‘Diamonds and Leather’ by The Reasoning

Firstly, I apologise for typos in the last series of posts, I’m not working at my usual desk and computer, and this temporary solution is akin to wrestling a very angry horse.

Sometimes, after some strange dreams, I require some overly dramatic guitar music to remind me that everything is nuts and that’s okay. Luckily, this was deftly recommended to me by a friend, and the by the time the intro had finished the world was placed in its proper context again. So, the key thing here is the melding between hard rock guitar music and indie pop (it’s almost J pop at points, which is kinda cool) vocals, which to be honest, I’m not sure about. The combination doesn’t sound bad, that’s for certain, but I’m not personally feeling it as a natural mix. Perhaps a little bit close to symphonic metal for my tastes? More women who growl and snarl, please, I’d like to see a little more fire and bite from my female vocalists. The blokes are allowed to do it and act all tough, why not the lasses? I like the music though, it’s the sort of over the top unsubtle widdles that you would come to expect from a band that wears a little too much black and has long hair (although these guys are apparently from Cardiff, which is not renowned as a hotbed of metal influences). This is from an album called Adverse Camber (2010), which constitutes somewhere between progressive rock and hard rock, and is a solid listen if the any of the aforementioned influences in this article are your bag. For me, it’s alright, I certainly didn’t mind listening to it, but it’s probably not the sort of thing that’s going to get many repeat listens; I can see how it would be right up some peoples street, though.


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