Daily Dose: ‘Oblivius’ by The Strokes

This track is a bit like a Genesis record in parts, and that’s no bad thing I guess. I do think they could stand to work on their spelling though, there’s no excuse for that sort of thing in this day and age, and with their level of experience, no less. The Strokes have been around for a while after all, although I don’t have quite as much admiration for their indie/garage rock stylings as some of my contemporaries (also Room on Fire is miles better than Is This It, I don’t know why people rave over the latter so much). So I heard a rumor that Julian Casablancas slightly had it in for the rest of the band at times during their existence, and then I heard another suggestion that perhaps he carried that supposed animosity into his singing for this record. To be fair to the guy, anyone who has provided vocals for both ‘Boombox’ (The Lonely Island) and ‘Instant Crush’ (Daft Punk) is okay in my book, but maybe he needs to buck his ideas up a bit from time to time, such as by not doing things such as premiering his bands new song on his own radio show. Still, this songs an alright listen, as combining the aforementioned at times proggy music with the occasionally questionable vocals and microphone selection actually provides a surprisingly good bit of head nodding action. I especially like the guitar widdles in the middle section, not too complex, but enjoyable regardless. Not sure about that “singing” at the end though Julian, might be worth taking a couple more cracks at the next song you do.


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