Daily Dose: ‘Petals’ by Bibio

This is another stunner from Bibio’s recent A Mineral Love album, one that I haven’t been able to stop listening to due to being so relaxed by its stripped back beauty. I find delicate, simple songs such as this so enchanting in lots of ways, and with its themes of nature and freedom an uplifting vibe is maintained despite the melancholy tune and guitar picking. As the first song on the album, it is responsible for setting a lot of the tone of the record, making this track an odd choice in some regards, with it’s short, distant airy drift any guitar noodling not really giving a lot of clues about subsequent content other than the fact that the songs are going to be ear-catching, striking even. The subject matter here is something that will appeal to so many people, without being forced upon us due to the mellow nature of the music. It is both friendly and kind of sad, which is a hard combination to make work (I like to think I’ve mastered it, personally) but is nailed here to such a degree that combined with the short length always leave me wanting more when I hear it, like someone desperate to know what happens next. It’s truly lovely, and the album is a great time as well, I’d really suggest picking it up if you’re like me and have very much taken to both this and ‘Light up the Sky’.


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