Daily Dose: ‘Bored In The USA’ by Father John Misty

Time for a pleasant little stripped back tune for the times (and also a mini-rant from me, no charge). This is from Father John Misty’s album I Love You, Honeybear (2015), which people went absolutely nuts over, and for the life of me I have no idea why. Like, it’s not bad or anything, but it’s not doing anything that Neil Young or that crowd didn’t do in times past, and it’s less sonically interesting that what John Grant is doing now. I just don’t see what makes it special, and I’ve no idea what propelled into multiple top ten lists other than smirking insider artistic bias. Speaking of which, I heard an interview with him and he was basically pretty much an asshole, which is never a good look. It’s fine for people to be eccentric, but pretty much everyone else manages to be pleasant while giving interviews, so I don’t have much patience for it. Stop thinking you’re the second coming of John Lennon, because you’re not. Anyway, this is actually quite a nice piano plus voice number, to be certain, (I saw his name crop up, decided I was going to write about him, and picked my favourite song that I’d heard) but it’s not revolutionary, by any stretch of the imagination. Decrying broken America is still powerful material to a point, but it’s not anything new, and if you’re going to go all in on it you are competing with some big names from the past. Still, I suppose it’s nice enough as a eulogy to the great American dream.


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