Daily Dose: ‘Frankenstein’ by Cleft

Some days, when I’m bored and feeling the ennui pretty bad, I spin the magic roulette wheel of music and keep it spinning until I hit upon something that grabs me. Today was one of those days, and this was one such song. Cleft are a two piece instrumental band from Manchester, who describe themselves on their facebook as two blokes who really should know better. They apparently trade in riff heavy industrial sounding prog music, and that really hit the spot for me today, and I suspect might do it for other people as well. It’s from a just pressed album called Wrong, which is pretty much what you would expect from listening to this song, really. Its good music as a soundtrack to the UK’s increasingly dystopian, largely racist future, on a day where all the news is bad news and everyone is to greater or lesser extent. Angry. I’m aware that it’s not going to provide me much particular depth, but some days a bit of loud violent guitar music is just what’s needed to bust away the terrible cobwebs. Give the album a blast if the world’s got you feeling under the weather, and who knows, maybe you’ll give the world something to think about.


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