Daily Dose: ‘Hush’ by Deep Purple

I’m going to make a wild claim here: Deep Purple are probably the most underrated band ever. Like, they get some credit as one of the unholy trinity of British hard rock, but they get a seriously raw deal compared to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and that is unjustifiable rubbish, because they’re just as good if not better. They don’t seem to get the rep of pioneers of heavy metal music outside of music aficionados, and that’s so unfair as to almost criminal, such was their influence. It took them three tries to get into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, which is a disgrace. Seriously, go and listen to ‘Burn’, if you haven’t heard it already, because it’s one of the best rock/metal songs of all time. They also had the services of one the best keys players of all time, Jon Lord, (sadly no longer with us, but survives in the form of his outrageous organ solos) who only competition for top of the rock keys pyramid is Rick Wakeman himself. This early track is from their first album, Shades of Deep Purple (which came out 1968! That’s insane), and was the lead single from that album. It sounds absolutely sick, to this day. Like, just absolutely ridiculously good, considering how flipping old it is. Production techniques and recording quality have moved on, but you cannot take away how fresh this sounds, even if it couched firmly in progressive (and a bit psychedelic) rock. I’d put this up against pretty much anything Zep or Sabbath have made and it would come up favourably, and it’s not even Deep Purples best song by some margin. People of today: make more music like this please. Also, have hair like they did back then, check out the British album cover if you want a fearful glimpse into hairstyles past. When you made music this good, you could wear whatever you wanted on your head.


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