Daily Dose: ‘Get Free’ by Major Lazer (ft. Amber of the Dirty Projectors)

Major Lazer are a collaborative music collective headed up by Diplo, who’ve released three albums free albums since 2009, with a fourth on the way. This is from the second, Free the Universe (2013, you may be noticing a freedom theme here), and it’s a relaxing dub drift through minimal space and floating melancholy, evocatively narrated by Amber Coffman. While the vocals can be quite intense, they contrast well with the effortless backing of the music, to create something that manages to sound a bit spiky at points while still feeling relaxed and mellow. The synthesizers swoop in and out, providing texture and urgency to an otherwise mellow beat and tune. The ending, plucked out on a bass while a woodwind instruments meanders of into the sunset, is possibly my favourite bit, it’s peaceful in its wistfulness. The lyrics are a simple plea for freedom that will never come, which should be familiar to all of us who are constrained in any way (the vast majority of people, I would imagine). The message is especially pertinent to me right now, at a point when I want to get free from all the hatred and bigotry in the UK. I’d like to get free from my country itself.


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