Daily Dose: ‘G Man’ by The Tansads

So then, that tape I was talking about. It’s called Flock, it came out in 1994, and you’ve oddly got more chance of being able to listen to it now thanks to the power of things like Deezer than you did when it was released. This isn’t my favourite song from it (that’s probably ‘Heading for the Heart’ but that one’s a bit sombre), or even the most bouncy (I thoroughly recommend ‘Ship of Fools’ if you want a good romp), but there’s some big politics coming up in the UK right now so it feels very appropriate. Also, if you get the chance, you should just listen to the whole record, because it’s kind of great. Oh, sure, it’s not the most artistic or original thing in the world, but little folk music is, frankly, and the fact that it strives to retain a punk ethos and vibe while still managing to sound equal parts exciting and lovely is actually pretty impressive. And bits are so exciting, even now, and no less relevant. Take this tune, for instance, a forlorn stomp through the natures of modern Tory government. The issues haven’t changed, I can assure you of that, and the song still sounds good, so really, why would I not be all in favour? I’m actually pretty happy that they seem to finding much more success now as a band, it just shows that if you keep at it and get a bit of luck and good timing, it’s never too late. For now, I’m going to go back and relive my childhood for a bit, I hope no-one minds.


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