Daily Dose: ‘Eastern Threads’ by Celtarabia

So, the friend who recruited me at the last minute (she knows who she is) to work the Beverly folk festival has this band that she was really excited about seeing, apparently this world fusion band that do some really good party music that happened to be playing the Big Top stage (which we were working). I’d never heard of Celtarabia (apparently they’ve taken a bit of a break), but I was keen enough to see what they were about. It turns out they are about dancing and having fun, and they have bags of talent and showmanship to spare, leading to a really special live set. In all honestly, I couldn’t be absolutely sure if this was one they played live or not (I’m pretty certain they did, but they went about their business with such frenzy and intensity) but the overall vibe is the same: this is dance music, old style. And boy, was it good for dancing. I limited myself to energetic bouncing and foot tapping, what with wearing the hi-viz, but there were loads of people up having a wiggle in front of the stage, and rightly so. The combination of lead Hurdy-Gurdy and Hammered Dulcimer surprisingly makes for a solid tune, and they were brilliant backed by drums (really high quality) and that bass. Oh my word, their bassist. Her name is Lou Duffy-Howard, she’s got serious musical previous, and she was absolutely stunning. These guys are on Soundcloud and have four albums out, so they might be a little bit easy to scope out than some other folk artists; their internet based offerings have more didgeridoo and are a bit more funky than their all-out full throttle live show, but it’s still good stuff if you like world music/folk. This track is a total “banger” as I believe the kids say, and is probably the best reflection of what I saw that I could find, only if possible with more madness. If you see them on a bill, do it. I don’t care if you don’t think you’ll like it, because it is unlike almost anything else and boy, do they know how to have a good time.


2 thoughts on “Daily Dose: ‘Eastern Threads’ by Celtarabia

    1. That would be swell! I met the bassist and got to chat with her at an event in town a while back, she seemed like an absolute delight.


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