Daily Dose: ‘Real Race Cars Have Doors’ by Jaga Jazzist

Okay, so the jazz arrived a day late, but it skips to its own tune, man. Jaga Jazzist are cool guys, which you’d expect, given that they are an experimental jazz band from Norway. They don’t let you do that sort of thing without sounding cool. This ones from their breakout second album from the early nowts, A Livingroom Hush which is still a real treat if you have any affinity for jazz music whatsoever. I really appreciate the pun in the title, by the way, that’s some top work there. Should you be interested in their more recent work, they’ve put out a bunch of albums since then, including last year’s Starfire, which is all over the shop in the best kind of way. Anyway, this song is an absolute joy, managing to be cinematic and cool sounding on the main riff while still taking the time to get a bit funky as ever. It sort of feels like it could be the soundtrack to a movie, but only a movie that is sufficiently self-aware and clever to make use of both its banging main segment and its subtleties. In short, this kind of electronic jazz experimentation is exciting, fresh sounding and fun to listen to, and I’m pretty happy that it exists. Now I’m going to go listen to the rest of the album and hope that I obtain a fraction of the cool by audio osmosis.


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