Daily Dose: ‘What Happened’ by Palace Winter

So, Waiting for the World to Turn came out this week (3rd of June, to be exact), and it’s more than lived up to my expectations to immediately become one of my favourite albums of the year so far. I’d recommend everyone try and listen to as much of it as possible, it’s a wonderful jangly journey through both progressive precision and meandering melancholy, and it does a fantastic job of melding the two. This song and the next one on the album, ‘Proclamation Day’ (the name is a tribute to Elliot Smith, whom this two song set feels incredibly reminiscent of), are the highlights aside from what I have already heard, forming one of the most emotional and wistful segments of music I’ve heard so far this year. Every time I hear the lyric “What kind of world is this?” it sticks with me like the beautiful, sad realisation it is. Rarely have I heard a song that captures the melancholy feel of life in the modern day (that wasn’t by the aforementioned Mr. Smith), so that alone deserves praise, but the piano riff combines with the lazy sounding guitar to create something that is truly special to listen to. It’s very relaxed, so people who like their music to be doing lots might not take to it, but if you like music and don’t mind the laid back, almost alternative Americana vibe, there’s a really great song here. I’d really suggest everyone try and listen to the album as well: you won’t see a better Danish alternative rock LP released this year, so you should try and support it as much as possible. Turns out soft rock still kind of has it.


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