Daily Dose: ‘Iron Lion Zion’ by Bob Marley

Confession time: I’ve never really liked Bob Marley much. However, I’m started to suspect now that may have been because I was listening to the wrong tunes, because this song is the business. Okay, it’s about Rastafarian beliefs, which are not something I have a lot of time for (I don’t like the homophobia often associated with them), but to be fair, a whole bunch of cast and characters are getting involved here, such as Haile Selassie, the Lion of Judah, and Ethiopia. Of course, it may be the case that Marley picked three words that rhymed really well and built a good song around them. In any case, it’s not really about the tune and the vocals, both of which are good, our key player here instead being that sick saxophone. Seriously, whoever drew that musical assignment must have been pinching themselves, the lucky devil. Anyway, this apparently was a song written and recorded sometime around 1973-1974, but only released sometime after his death, on the Songs of Freedom box set in 1992. Then it reached number 5 in the UK singles chart, which just showed how even in the nineties people in the UK would eat this sort of stuff up. As reggae songs go, this ones pretty good, but if you ain’t a fan of that brand of music, it probably won’t change your mind.


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