Daily Dose: ‘Lately’ by Poliça

I like me some Poliça, and I really feel that they are a band on consistently upward trajectory. This is another little parcel of magic from their United Crushers album, which came out in March, and it’s a lovely delicate song, still featuring the electronic weirdness that marks Poliça out from the pack. It’s probably the closest thing to a conventional pop “love” song they’ve done, but it still utilises a bit of the vocal processed and spacey keyboards in a manner that doesn’t sound like it’s been forced to fit the medium, and instead sounds incredibly natural for them. They’ve obviously done this style of song before (‘Wandering Star’ from the first album, for instance), but I feel like the more compact, less minimalist approach to songs is suiting them really well. I still love some of the old songs, but the new stuff is more catchy and accessible and is more sustainable over an entire album. Speaking of which, I finally had a chance to listen to the whole album last week and I can thoroughly recommend it, it’s the best one I think that they’ve made, and I feel like that’s partly because they’ve done a better job of leveraging their fantastic variety into different sounding results such as this. Also, the “get-in-get-done-get-out” song building style is really meshing well with their somewhat distinctive instrumental make-up. It’s such a pretty tune combined with a really mellow beat, and it does a real good job of de-stressing and spacing me out. I really feel like it’s the sort of song that could appeal to a lot of people, and I’m thrilled to bits that they’ve put out such a great album, hopefully it does really well. Wonder what they will do next?


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