Daily Dose: ‘Science’ by O Children

I don’t know squat about O Children, other than the facts that there are four of them, they are from London, and I’m not sure how to write their name (this a good sign of a bad name). I have to presume that they are named after the Nick Cave song of the same name, so I shall write it that way, and they certainly seem to have a tiny bit of Nick Cave about them. The emphasis on the percussion and the clear as a bell baritone vocals are nice touches, and while the lyrics don’t do anything much for me, any song that is nominally about science is filling what I view as an under-supplied market. As you might have worked out through the paucity of the information provided, this was a song that I happened to stumble upon randomly on Soundcloud, that most democratic of music providers. It’s a tidy little song, and it’s good enough that it kept my attention enough for me to go back and seek it out again. I get the impression that if they did a song that was like this but they just happened to let their keyboards of the chain (and come up with some lyrics that I take to) then I would really love it, but it may be that this is as far as they let the keys walk, and other songs are more restrained. Regardless, it’s still a good song and I like the no faffing approach to the vocals.


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